BRUNOX® Turbo-Clean®

BRUNOX® Turbo-Clean® is a high-tech degreaser & disc brake cleaner that can be used on MTB, Gravel & Road Bicycles that have rotor disc blades fitted.  This product is free of acetone, silicone and dissolves dirt residue-free, as well as, displaces moisture simultaneously.  The can is fitted with a 360° valve which can be held in any position and is highly pressurized to blast out the buildup of brake dust.  The product eliminates squeaking of dirty disc brakes and behaves neutrally towards seals, rubber, plastics and paints.


For degreasing, cleaning & maintaining brake components, chains, drives, clutches, tools, metallic surfaces, workbenches and lathes, for brush and brushless motors.  Can also be used to remove stubborn residues from labels & adhesive of all kinds.

BRUNOX® Carbon Care

Used for cleansing and polishing carbon bicycle frames and carbon fiber parts, so as to shine like new.  This product will displace any moisture build up and behaves neutrally towards aluminum, rubber, plastics, lacquer, leather etc.  In SA’s dry & dusty climatic conditions, the antistatic properties that Carbon Care has, reduces the effect of fine dust particles sticking on surfaces that have been polished with Carbon Care.


Carbon Care be safely used on multiple surfaces, namely:

  • For cleaning, polishing & preserving furniture & sports equipment.
  • For both Vehicle accessories & Carbon Bicycles and Carbon Wheelsets.  NB. Avoid applying to brake pad contact surfaces.
  • Apply directly onto a soft linen cloth and wipe surfaces clean as required.

BRUNOX® Top Kett®

An all-weather chain lube for bicycles, e-bikes and motorcycles.  It is free of silicone, PTFE, graphite, nano-ceramic particles and has no resins included.  Top-Kett is both dirt & water repellent and ideal for winter wet weather riding conditions.  It has high adhesive capabilities to stick onto all metal surfaces, provided that it is given time to adhere.  i.e. apply to your bicycle’s chain, cassette and chain rings the night below your ride.  And finally, gives high-tech corrosion protection for salty weather conditions.


  • For Bicycle Chains – suitable for all disciplines of cycling, namely, from MTB, XCO, Marathon, Downhill, Enduro, BMX to Road bikes (both racing and commuter bikes)
  • For Motorcycle Chains – an all-weather resistant high-tech lubricant that defies salt water and cold, without “running dry” in wet conditions.
  • For Industrial use on Forklifts and Machinery – this high-tech chain lubricant has excellent corrosion protection in bad weather, for interim storage in damp rooms, usable in aggressive salty sea climates and in indoor cold rooms.


BRUNOX® Turbo Spray®

A multi-purpose lubricant for trade, industry and home use.  It is free of silicone, PTFE, graphite, nano-paricles and has no resins included.  It offers guaranteed lubricating effect down to -50 °C.  Has a Flash Point of 78 °C and a layer thickness of 1-2 μm, as well as, very good penetration creep abilities.  Offers good corrosion protection and works well all metals including, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, copper & brass.  Available in both 100ml or 500ml aerosol cans.


Enjoy multiple uses with BRUNOX® Turbo Spray®, namely, for everyone & for everything, usable in and around the house.  For garden equipment & machines, bicycles & strollers, model making, electrical appliances, as well as for ships/yachts & fishing equipment.

  • Turbo-Spray has a “liquid tool” ingredient called “TURBOLINE” for maintenance of high-quality tools & molds.  For use in the precision mechanical & precision industry, for CNC & injection molding machines as well as mold making. For cleaning after production steps, for protecting and polishing machines & semi-finished products.  Uses extend into automotive, construction, forestry & agriculture industries.
  • Penetration and Loosen of anything that is overtightened or rusted tight after years of neglect and/or for the lack of proper maintenance. This product fixes any squeaks in no time.

BRUNOX® Weapon Gun Care

High-quality weapon care for professional, hunting, sports and collector’s weapons.  Free of ammonia, silicone, PTFE, graphite, nano-ceramic particles and with no resining.   Weapon Gun Care spray is guaranteed to lubricate to a temperature as low as -55 °C .  There is no emulsifying effect either and is an excellent running cleaner.  It dissolves powder, lead, nickel, tombak, & copper residues.  This product behaves neutrally towards lacquer surfaces, leather, wood, rubber, plastic.   It is used by the leading ammunition & weapon manufacturers and has received Product Awards for very good corrosion protection.


  • LUBRICATION EFFECT – Used in weapon manufacturing & maintenance for the lubrication of all precision mechanical components.
  • RUNNING CLEANING – In use for barrel cleaning in the shooting channel of RUAG Ammotec, Fiocchi, Selliot & Bellot, where the quality control of the ammunition takes place, needed for absolute clean runs.
  • CORROSION PROTECTION – Protects against corrosion, neutralizes manual welding & preserves the barrel.