About Our Business

ATLANTIC Cycle Products is an Import, Marketing & Distribution Company owned by local cyclist and businessman, Stephen Stefano, who is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Stephen’s cycling journey started in the late 70’s riding to & from school each day.  In 1977 aged 12 years old, he was invited to join the Big Ride In event to the Grand Parade outside the City Hall in downtown Cape Town, where the Mayor of Cape Town pulling out a raffle draw lucky ticket with his name on it.  He won a custom made LE JEUNE Touring bicycle built by the renowned local frame builder, Francois du Toit!  Stephen still owns this bicycle together with its panier bags, mudguards and working dynamo operated front & rear light.

With receiving this gift of freedom on two-wheels, in October 1978, Stephen arrived at the start line of the very first Cape Town Cycle Tour (then known as “The Argus Tour”).  This Le Jeune Touring Bike safely got him around the Cape Peninsula in 5hrs 25mins!  Over the next 16 editions of the CTCT, this same bike successfully got him to the finish line each year.  In 1986, Stephen posted his fastest time of 2:59:36 on the same bike, minus its mudguards & touring extras.  In 1994, he visited Francois du Toit and ordered a “DU TOIT” custom built handmade Reynold 531 ruby red racing bicycle, which took him to the next 11 CTCT finish lines successfully.  Then in 2005, he purchased an ORBEA composite frame (aluminum/carbon frame) black racing bike that he still rides today. Up to and including the 2022 44th edition of CTCT, Stephen is one of two cyclists who have ridden every single Cape Town Cycle Tour (aka “Argus Tour”) since its inception in 1978!

With Stephen’s interest and enjoyment of being on a bike, he and his wife went to France in 2011 to follow the last 10 days of the 98th Edition of the Tour de France.  They signed up as cycling tourists with a French Cycling Tour Company.  The package included cycling a section of each day’s stage in the morning to an advantage point, from where they watched the pro-peloton wiz past later in the afternoon.  During this tour, Stephen rode both Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez climbs! Their cycling “holiday” ended watching the final stage on Champs Élysées!

On returning to South African, he saw an opportunity to work with the French Tour Company, marketing their cycling tour packages to the SA market.  Early in 2012 ATLANTIC CYCLE TOURS & TRAVEL (ACT&T) was launch at the CTCT Expo and in July, a small group of local cyclists, flew to Europe to experience the Tour de France from their saddles.   During 2013/4 cycling seasons, ACT&T morphed into ATLANTIC CYCLE PRODUCTS, when Stephen signed up with BRUNOX AG, as their sole distributor for the Southern African Region.

Today, after nine years of successful business & growth, BRUNOX Products can be found in over a hundred Local Bicycle Shops across South Africa. In 2021, we extended our business agreement with BRUNOX AG to import, market & distribute BRUNOX Gun Care products into the South African Gun & Hunting markets, within the borders of South Africa. Recently, we have visited neighbouring Namibia, to start distributing the bicycle care products into their growing bicycle industry.

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44,000 MW


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Managing partner

As a managing partner of our company, David Froster nurtures a most responsible approach towards energy consumption. He’s been advocating renewable energy well since his student years in 1970s, and as now he leads our enterprise, David does his best to promote the green energy.


Finances and strategy head

Mary Bishop is the person responsible for the fiscal, taxing and accounting aspects of our work, as well as for the interactions with capital markets and the information technology department. In addition, she supervises GreenTech’s overall financial strategy and transactional activity.


Head of the production

It’s his field of duty, that all the stages of projecting, assembling and repairing of our solar panels models go according to the plan. Also Albert is responsible for new solar energy technologies development and testing. It’s thanks to Albert that our products have high energy production.