Brunox® is a quality brand that is free of Acid, PTFE, Silicon and Nano Particles.


Brunox® is used worldwide by professionals in all disciplines, including: 


 German MTB Champion (4 Cross / Downhill)

German BMX Champion

World Champion 24 Hour / 12 Hour MTB

Swiss Cyclocross Champion

Swiss Track Champion (Scratch / Point Racing)

Brunox Deo

Brunox® Deo is the cycle fork care that is recommended by pros.

“Before the race, my ‘Magura’ suspension forks were treated with Brunox® Deo, which is specially formulated for suspension forks. It ensures that the forks function properly” – Michale Kalivoda (3-time world champion MTB 24 hours and world champion MTB 12 hours 2010)

Brunox® Deo for the cycle fork, was launched in 2000, together with Rock-Shox®. It keeps seals flexible and keeps dirt out.

Brunox® Deo provides optimal conditions for best performance. It maintains damper joints and adjustment screws and keeps knobs running smoothly.

Brunox Top-Kett

Brunox® Top-Kett with its new formula is pure high speed!

Thanks to the precise lubrication, each chain joint can withstand high stress, such as pressure, dirt and moisture. It guarantees long lubrication intervals, easy chain management, effortless shifting and reduction of chain elongation.


Brunox® Top-Kett is a unique concentrate with a high-tech addition: Speedoline. This is a mix of lubrication accelerators and corrosion inhibitors. It forms a very uniform non-drying lubricant and corrosion protection film of about 20 microns, which even salt water won’t wash off. It is spin resistant, dirt-repellent and ensures a perfect lubrication even at very low temperatures.

Brunox Carbon Care

Brunox® Carbon Care is the ultimate solution for carbon products.

How it works:

Wash the dirt off with water, then spray all carbon parts with Brunox® Carbon Care. Or soak a cloth in the Carbon Care and rub the surface until there are no dirt on the cloth. Do not apply to the brakes.

All carbon parts will shine brightly again in high tech perfection.

Brunox® Carbon Care:

Cleans – polishes – displaces moisture – dust and dirt repellent, neutral against rubber, plastics, leather etc. It is also suitable to care for and maintain all aluminium components. Removes stains and handprints from aluminium, chrome and stainless steel.

Brunox® Carbon care also:

·         Makes parts bright and shiny

·         Prevents corrosion

·         Is suitable for all non-anodised aluminium rims

Brunox Lub & Cor

Brunox® Lub & Cor is the solution in an aerosol can, and does a great job for winter storage in very damp rooms or in open under-stands, as well as long-term storage.

How it works:

First clean the chain with Brunox® Turbo-Spray, then lubricate the chain on the spot or spray it with the Brunox® Lub & Cor spray can.


The Brunox® Lub & Cor is also suitable for motorcycle chains.

Brunox Turbo-Spray

Brunox® Turbo-Spray has a unique quality, thanks to the additive TURBOLINE.

How it works:

Brunox® Turbo-Spray is easy to use. Simply wash the dirt off and spray all mechanical parts (chains and levers) with the Turbo-Spray. Leave the spray on for a while to allow it to remove persistent dirt such as muck, tar, brake dust or sand, etc. In order to achieve the maximum lubricating effect, spray the chains and levers again. Spray a fine mist over the frame or rub it down with a cloth soaked in Brunox® Turbo-Spray, to polish the frame and protect it from dirt and corrosion.

Brunox Top-Lock

Brunox® Top-Lock guarantees a long lock life, without gumming or freezing.


Brunox® Top-Lock provides flawless functioning of ever bicycle, motorcycle and vehicle lock. It is able to loosen any blockage, as well as lubricate and protect against corrosion. Any lock can be opened, even in the coldest weather.

Epoxy - 30ml

the industrial maintenance of structures, plants, machines, vehicles etc. 
BRUNOX® epoxy is the patented Anticorrosion-system on an epoxy-resin base. The amber-coloured, clear liquid forms a metal-organic iron complex with the neutralized rust. This black, very compact and resistant protective layer, which is formed, guarantees long-term corrosion protection and is at the same time a perfect primer coat because of the epoxy-resin components. It is most suitable for overhauling machines, plants, vehicles. Because of its high penetration into the rust pores and its perfect film formation (no brush traces) it guarantees a high level of effectiveness and further treatment.