About us


Atlantic Cycle Products is the sole importer & distributor of BRUNOX® products in South Africa.

Their flagship product BRUNOX® Deo has been hailed as one of the best suspension lubricants around the world.

Since launching at the 2014 Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, BRUNOX® is now available in most bicycle shops across South Africa. That’s more than 116 outlets across South Africa - and counting!

Owner, Stephen Stefano, started cycling aged 12 in 1977, and leads CLUB 21 of the Cape Town Cycle Tour (CTCT). He is one of six riders to have completed all of these tours (39) since its inception.

“Just like riders in the peloton whose task it is to close gaps in the field. In our business, we aim to close “product gaps” where others fear to pedal to!” - Stephen Stefano